Here is a tentative list of Mobile Workshops:

  1. Raadi Manor complex, former military area  
  2. Soviet apartment building complexes in China Town, city public garden areas 
  3. Soviet apartment building complexes in Annelinn 
  4. Wooden building district of Karlova, graffiti in the cityscape
  5. Wooden building district of Supilinn, influences of the vicinity of the river 
  6. SmartEnCity, smart buildings from Soviet apartment blocks 
  7. The River Emajõgi and barge centre 
  8. biodiversity, dendropark of the Estonian University of Life Sciences + cycling + sports park + skating … = most recreational area  
  9. song festival grounds and part of the Tähtvere recreational area  
  10. cemeteries   
  11. planning greenery in the city centre
  12. renowned buildings - “skyscrapers” in Tartu 
  13. city planning - new developments, green solutions 
  14. transportation and ecological solutions, Tartu Car-Free Avenue annual project
  15. culture in the cityscape - Tartu is the European Capital of Culture 2024  
  16. water management