An exciting social events programme has been designed especially for the AESOP2022 Congress Delegates Accompanying Persons.

All Accompanying Persons Programm participants get free public transport passes in Tartu.


JULY 25, 2022

at Estonian University of Life Sciences 

A welcome reception will be held right after the congress opening and a keynote session at the venue. Before the welcome reception, there will be excursions on the campus of the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

At the Welcome Reception, snacks and beverages are served. It is free of charge for the participants. There will also be a surprise!


JULY 26, 2022

11:00-12:30  - GUIDED TOUR OF TARTU
starting at Town Hall square, at the yellow frame of National Geographic

Discover the present-day Tartu as well as the history and details, which help to understand the town as we can experience it today.

13:30-14:30 - LUNCH
at Estonian University of Life Sciences 


JULY 27, 2022

13:30-14:30 -  LUNCH
at Estonian University of Life Sciences 

at Narva mnt 23, Tartu, just 500 metres from Town Hall Square.

Tartu City Museum depicts the past and present of Estonia’s second-biggest city. 

This aristocratic residence in the Ülejõe district dating from the late 18th century is worthy of note for its original interior. Adjacent to its Louis XVI style grand hall on the main floor you will find the exhibition "Dorpat. Jurjev. Tartu", which provides a wealth of detail on the colourful history of the city.

Highlighted from different periods of Tartu's past are the medieval brick structures of Dorpat, the ruins that remain from the time of the Livonian War, and the spiritual life of that era, 18th century handicraft and the background to signing of the Tartu Peace Treaty.

20:00-00:00 -  GALA DINNER
at Science centre AHHAA

The gala dinner takes us to the heart of Tartu. Next to the Emajõgi (in English Mother River), there is a science centre called AHHAA. The AHHAA science centre is the most entertaining science centre in Baltics! For one summer night, it will become a wonderful place to relax with your colleagues and friends. There are also hands-on attractions to try out as well as nooks and crannies where you can have a chat. Join us to enjoy a 3-course dinner together with live music.

- Gala dinner NOT included in AP programm. 

- Gala dinner tickets can be bought along with the registration. or write


JULY 28, 2022

13:30-14:30 - LUNCH
at Estonian University of Life Sciences 

More information about Mobile programs:

  • Soviet apartment building complexes in Annelinn
  • Wooden building district of Karlova
  • Wooden building district of Supilinn
  • Lodjakoda
  • Biodiversity, e.g. dendropark of the Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • Challenges of contemporary urban planning in Tartu
  • Resting areas near to Emajõgi
  • Co-disain
  • (Sub)urban Tartu
  • Car-free Avenue
  • SmatEnCity
  • Historical Planning Practices Revisited: Russian Old Believers 18 Century Refugee Villages, German Landlords 19th Century Castles and Socialist Red Barons 20th Century Barracks
  • Green transition in Elva
  • Safety in Elva public spaces
  • Finding a balance between different interests in Elva
  • Raadi manor complex, former military area


JULY 29-30, 2022

at Estonian University of Life Sciences 

Post-congress tours take you either to Ida-Viru County or to South-Estonian town hall squares. In both cases the bus will leave from the venue after the closing ceremony. The fee includes one night's accommodation and meals. The Ida-Viru tour will end in Tallinn, the South-Estonia tour will end in Tartu.

Please find tour descriptions here:

PS! Post-Congress Tour is NOT included in AP programme. Post-Congress tickets can be bought along with the registration. or write