Donate towards higher education acquisition!

One of the most important milestones in life is the acquisition of higher education. However, to achieve graduation, young people need immeasurable amounts of support from their families, be it emotional or financial. Children from orphanages and the foster care system lack this support system, which makes obtaining higher education difficult. This is where we can all make a change. Help us support them in acquiring higher education!

Publicon, the professional conference organiser, is cooperating with The Estonian Children's Fund to provide higher education to children from orphanages and the foster care system. Contributing to the continuity of the science world is of high value to Publicon, besides organising academic and scientific conferences. This is a good opportunity to ensure that the youth with disadvantaged starting points are empowered to contribute towards research and society. These young adults who strive for higher education are highly motivated and conscientious students, and with a little bit of support there is no telling what they can achieve. 

The Estonian Children's Fund (SA Eesti Lastefond), founded in 1989, is the oldest organisation in Estonia that has been continuously dealing with child protection and supporting children from orphanages and the foster care system. Scholarships are given to students studying at various higher education institutions, such as the Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of Tartu, the TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy, Tallinn Health Care College and the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. 

Donations can be made on-site in cash or by card.